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Looking to fill specific talent needs?
You’ll find them through the gen-ius Resource Center

Everything you need to recruit successfully

The gen-ius Resource Center was created to fulfill the personnel requirements of our own company. We found that when customer requests exceeded our own capabilities, the occasional recruitment of required professionals was often very time-consuming, and in some cases did not meet the expectations of our own project management. As a result, we decided very early-on to develop our own extensive resource center. Over the years, gen-ius customers have also leveraged the benefit of our comprehensive staffing resource to not only realize significant time and cost savings, but to secure the best talent available to meet their specific requirements.

Using a proprietary software solution, we filter our database based on a variety of criteria and contact suitable candidates within the shortest time. Each candidate CV is additionally evaluated by experienced professionals at gen-ius. We provide qualified pre-selection, saving you valuable time and a lot of unproductive work. Under most circumstances, we respond to inquiries within 24 hours by providing a selection of qualified CVs.

We offer several options on contract arrangements. You may choose to receive the original offers directly from our freelancers, in which case you only pay us a commission fee. You may also choose to have gen-ius manage the contracts with the consultants and developers and assign them to your projects.

Quality and reliability, flexibility, individuality and honesty – all these have top priority for us. After all, as a gen-ius customer you deserve to be fully satisfied. We look forward to a long-term partnership with you – beginning today.