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SAP Business Suite on HANA

Comprehensive optimization of business processes

Faster data access through in-memory technology – that’s the advantage of SAP HANA compared to previously used database technology. Analytical areas can be connected to transactions, resulting in improved business processes. However, migration adds considerable expense, and a plain 1:1 migration does not deliver the desired advantages.

Using our guidance, we can help you determine the value of a HANA platform for your company in advance and show you how to derive the maximum benefit from this new technology. Of course, we support you in implementing your entire project and take all necessary measures, so that you can reap the substantial rewards of SAP HANA.

SAP HANA opens up numerous opportunities for your IT. The distinction between analytical and transactional data is eliminated, real-time business processes are established, and all users receive customized access to facilitate their daily work. All this, while reducing your IT expense.

But that’s not all. HANA enables you to include new areas in your business model – analysis of unstructured information, for example. Social media analysis lets you improve your processes and products. By providing accurate forecasts through Predictive Analysis, you are then able to control your business better and more accurately than ever before.